Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Givenchy: Black Jersey Calf Sandels.

For the fly ladies...Givenchy ready-to-wear Spring Summer collection presents us the elegant black with 13cm/5inch heal and wrap around strap.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Taking it back!

Sooo Chilll. Billy Holiday Remix

(born Elinore Harris April 7, 1915 – July 17, 1959) was an American jazz singer and songwriter. Nicknamed Lady Day[2] by her friend and musical partner Lester Young.

You've just heard about U-N-I. (Old Vid)

Classic ass jam.

"one side of my brain is yelling out no no no no"

The Juliet Supper Club- NYC

Architecture by: Bluarch Architecture + Interiors

The iWatch

Next Big Thing:

Throw away your G-shocks guys :(

Freudian Kicks x Soulland Adler Fedora


exclusively at freudiankicks.com with free worldwide shipping throughout May. For more info on the hat, see the short film “Making the Adler Fedora”.

Soulland // Making the Adler Fedora from Soulland on Vimeo.

Via: Highsnobiety

Gourmet Summer Footwear 2010 Lookbook

Gourmet and their eccentric yet, eye catching designs grow on me. Photos for the lookbook were photographed by, Ron Moon.

Curren$y- Role Model (Ski Beats)

"Now tell the truth do i look like a Role Model" - $


Chilean poet Pablo Neruda: Learn Something

For homework my teacher advised me to do an Abstract on how society views remembrance, and analyze and justify Nerudas intepretation on Remembrance by reading his poem "I Remember You As You Were".

"Not only did he have the passion and wisdom to write but also for politics. He was appointed as the Chilean consul in Rangood in 1927. He was a communist and worked to forward his ideals through both government and poetry." -E.L.

I Remember You As You Were

I remember you as you were in the last autumn.
You were the grey beret and the still heart.
In your eyes the flames of the twilight fought on.
And the leaves fell in the water of your soul.

Clasping my arms like a climbing plant
the leaves garnered your voice, that was slow and at peace.
Bonfire of awe in which my thirst was burning.
Sweet blue hyacinth twisted over my soul.

I feel your eyes traveling, and the autumn is far off:
grey beret, voice of a bird, heart like a house
towards which my deep longings migrated
and my kisses fell, happy as embers.

Sky from a ship. Field from the hills:
Your memory is made of light, of smoke, of a still pond!
Beyond your eyes, farther on, the evenings were blazing.
Dry autumn leaves revolved in your soul.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Double F. (TI$A)

I would label taz arnold to be in the ESOTERIC division of designers.

He tends to use other luxury brand imprints on his clothing products such as, Gucci, FENDI, and of course european brand Mode of Munich also refered as "MCM". Heres a sneak peek of the summer footwear that will be realsing.

Just like a virgin All over Again.

Dayum mami. "Said she like all girls i turn that bitch co-ed"

Madonna by Mert & Marcus

Wiz Khalifa-Cabin Fever [Live]


Wiz Khalifa - 9:30 Club 3.28.10 Washington, DC from 1st Impressions Studio on Vimeo.

Thanks DC to BC


So its been about 40 weeks (9 months) since i've last posted anything new. Last night i gave thought to why? Well because i have become a procrastinator. In a form of treatment I oblige to post and keep anyone who is interested in my blog content. Lezzz Do Thi$. Drive!